“Social transformation through dynamic education”.


  • To foster excellence in teaching and research for enabling the students to apply knowledge of management for transforming business and society at large.
  • To equip students in analytical, entrepreneurial and professional skills to perform in global team environment.
  • To develop faculty and students by encouraging participation in research, consultancy, faculty development programme and multi disciplinary project so as to develop professional competencies to lead in a global environment.
  • To develop the competency to understand, analyze and connect commercial, legal, social and ethical aspects of business.


  • 1. Management students will identify, analyze and develop solutions that meet the needs of various industries.
  • 2. Students will emerge as experts, professionals, entrepreneurs and researchers in their chosen field.
  • 3. Management students will work effectively as part of teams on multi disciplinary projects.
  • 4. Management students will exhibit strong leadership and managerial competencies for industry and society.