BVIMSR has been consistently ranked amongst the top B Schools in Navi Mumbai & Western India. With a world class infrastructure at a serene location BVIMSR provides a holistic environment for all around learning and development.

BVIMSR prides itself on being a student-centric institute. Students here are entrusted with resources and responsibilities early on. They are encouraged to take important administrative and policy decisions that sculpt their future and that of the Institute. This facilitates their all-round development, over and above academic performance. The Students’ Council at BVIMSR is the student body responsible and accountable for all activities on the Campus throughout the year.

BVIMSR has developed unique learning initiatives which have come to be the hallmark of the institute. These initiatives are the outcome of three decades of experience in the field of management education. They have been developed with the help of faculty, who are in touch with the industry’s current needs and the active participation of the students themselves.

BVIMSR, has developed a unique process of Mentoring for its students. During this process of mentoring, students will be mentored by the mentors.

   Mentors at BVIMSR are from academic and diversified industries with rich experience in various areas of corporate world focusing and striving for making students industry ready.

   The process of Mentoring begins from day one at the Institute and can carry on even during the student’s professional career.

   The process of mentoring is like parenting which helps to the students at a great extent. We follow all steps which leads to excel in the journey to make student realize the demand of industry and stay ahead in competition. In various processes students are expected to accomplish various tasks and duties to check their iron and bend it as per requirement with necessary help. Also helping students to apply whatever they learn during on campus to off campus.

We at BVIMSR give extra inputs apart from the academics which helps them to navigate in the complex world of local to global business. Our mentorship connects students with industry professionals and society at large to gain valuable experience.

   In each BVIMSR mentorship program, mentors use their hard-earned experience to guide students toward the kind of leadership that maintains BVIMSR honorable reputation in the business community. Mentees learn how to develop their careers from the executives who share their expertise of practical experience and proven success.

Program Objectives

Mentoring helps students to:


  • To identify and analyze the complex problems of corporate world and showcase professional skills and competencies.
  • Continuous Counseling of the students according to their hobbies and area of interest to succeed.
  • To Explore and clarify their career goals including career interest, industry and company preferences.
  • To make students understand importance of developing, maintaining and retaining relations with stakeholders.
  • Gain the confidence to seek and request mentorship relationships throughout their professional career path.



Program Structure


  • Industry experts will join hands with mentors for continuous evaluation and to give valuable inputs to design and develop according to mentor’s strengths and the student’s needs.
  • Mentor and students will meet once in a week to discuss various issues related with their personal as well as academic.
  • Meeting schedule will be as per institute academic calendar and institutes time table.
  • Objective of meeting is to provide ease of conversations and help establishing, learning objectives for the relationship.
  • Mentor and student will set and perform agreed upon responsibilities and relationship expectations.
  • Student is encouraged to conduct information interviews (including all business functions, i.e., finance, marketing, management, HR, operations) and job shadowing experiences under the guidance of the mentor in order to learn more about the world of work, career path options and corporate cultures.




  • Mentor will act as an advisor, learning broker and counselor.
  • Will engage and encourage students to find out and solve the problems.
  • Will help students in gaining confidence, clarifying goals and developing effective networking skills.
  • Give timely, supportive and constructive feedback and help them improve their competencies including critical thinking, ethical decision making, interpersonal relations, teamwork and leadership skills.
  • Mentor will be role model for student to observe and interact with them in order to understand how to become a productive, effective and respected employee and leader.
  • Give periodic evaluations of student’s professional and career development progress.




  • To meet regularly mentors according to the schedule.
  • To seek advice from mentor and be receptive to constructive feedback about career path decisions, skills competency development and professional development plans.
  • To be responsible, respectful, dependable and committed to building a productive mentoring relationship.
  • To be motivated and proactive in clarifying your career goals, improving your work competencies and developing networking contacts.



 BVIMSR curriculum lays emphasis on participatory learning – combining lectures, case studies, live projects, games and outdoor sessions for overall development of students. All new students go through a week-long orientation programme which includes indoor as well as outdoor sessions, to help them settle down, get to know each other and form strong working teams.

Throughout the year the institute along with the students organize and participate in various face-to face interactions with leading industry professionals through seminars and guest lecturers that prove to be regular ‘reality checks’ for the students.

BVIMSR goes beyond giving you a management degree. It prepares students for a high-flying career as a top corporate leader equipped with the wherewithal to occupy the very top echelons of the corporate world. The impact of experimental learning and blend of curricular and extracurricular activities has proved the nurturing of students of BVIMSR and the result of it that alumni of the institute are on top positions in the corporate world.

  At BVIMSR we create cognizant, competent and confident business leaders; individuals who will make a difference in their chosen field of work and the society they live in; professionals who will cherish and uphold the values of integrity, efficiency, simplicity and hard work.

  For over three decades, BVIMSR has been the chosen management destination for students aspiring for excellence in the corporate world. Excellent course content, highly qualified faculty and contemporary facilities combined with a unique education model, balancing unwavering career focus with holistic self development, are reasons why there is a BVIMSR business leader in every corner of the country.

  BVIMSR has been graded ‘A’ Grade by CRISIL rating vie for the opportunity to pick from the perfect mix of business acumen and academic intellect that our students bring to the table.