Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management Studies and Research (BVIMSR) Affiliated to University of Mumbai I NBA accredited has been consistently ranked amongst the top B Schools in Navi Mumbai & India for MBA/MMS. 

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Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management Studies and Research (BVIMSR)

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BVIMSR, Navi Mumbai, since its inception in 1984 has been the best MBA/MMS Institute in Navi Mumbai, Mumbai

Know Who We Are


BVIMSR (Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management Studies and Research) was established in 1984 to cater the needs of the corporate India by providing quality education in Management and IT. The panorama of Industrial liberalization asserts that the management of Industrial operations / functions and technology will play a pivotal role in delivering competitive products and services. BVIMSR foresees this opportunity where economy has been globalised, corporate management has been decentralized and empowerment has become a reality.

I am sure that our education will provide Indian corporate with Managers of tomorrow and transform the corporate world. 


BVIMSR, Navi Mumbai, since its inception in 1984 has been following a tradition: the tradition of producing world class leaders. This tradition has been made possible by being the best MBA/MMS Institute in Navi Mumbai


A two years full time MMS/MBA programme of Mumbai University giving the options to specialize in Marketing, Finance, Operations,System and Human Resources.



Along with MMS Course Students will get free online certification courses from World's Renowned University.




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Know Who We Are


BVIMSR, Navi Mumbai, since its inception in 1984 has been following a tradition: the tradition of producing world class leaders. This tradition has been made possible by being the best MBA/MMS Institute in Navi Mumbai


Alumnus say a lot about a college! 

Chandan Gandhi MMS Finance CR. 2014 -2016

The program surpassed expectations due to the caliber of lecturers who skillfully integrated academic knowledge and real-world concerns. The fusion of fundamental learning and contemporary business thinking made the program both demanding and enjoyable. Be it a part of organizing the first ever industry summit and many more events and competitions that have helped each one of us to utilise and nurture our organizing and leadership skills. This sense of ownership fostered a feeling of belonging to BVIMSR. The program provided opportunities to organize events and competitions, which helped students develop and hone their organizational and leadership skills.

Mr. Arup Gupta Chief Human Resources Officer EnC, Roads & Defence Businesses Reliance Infrastructure

For a large part, of what I am today, I owe it to Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management Studies & Research (BVIMSR). Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management Studies & Research prepared us for the world outside in a very holistic manner. The teaching at the Institute – apart from some very good professors, was strengthened by industry professionals taking many of the subjects. A very fine balance of academics and real-life practices. But, very importantly, BVIMSR taught us to be winners. The values of being thorough, hard work, creative thinking, perseverance, and being strategic – these are some of the traits that perhaps got honed very deeply in us all. I see it in our entire Batch of 1984-86, 1st batch of BVIMSR. Some of the very special things about BVIMSR that I believe made the education very relevant in today’s world are the diversity it had on campus which trained us all to work together, appreciate different perspectives, and build creative solutions with close involvement of industry, which allowed us to experience practical application of concepts being taught. Individual mentoring by professors led each one of us to explore our potential. I do want to acknowledge BVIMSR for playing a big role in making me who I am today.

Vineet Chaturvedi Batch – 1986-1988 Director Choubay & Company

Having completed my post-graduation in Physics, and finally deciding to pursue my last degree – MMS from Bombay University, brought me to BVIMSR, in the year 1986-88. It was a tough call, as I had to leave the job and continue back to completing my education. We were the third batch, so from day one, we had the feeling that we were the part of Institution building. Our Director Dr. A. B. Rao was always there to inspire and help us. He made us believe that it’s our own Institute and we are part of it. We had several distinguished visiting faculty from the Public and Pvt. Sectors to from us in various subjects of our curriculum. All administrative staff was very cooperative and helpful. I am thankful to the institute BVIMSR for allowing me to do my MMS and move ahead in my career path. I can claim that I had the best learning experience at BVIMSR and it was my golden learning time. Presently, I am looking after my family business at our firm Choubay & Company, based out of Kanpur

Tanuj Poddar Batch - 2002-2004 Director and Co-Founder Beam Outsourcing Services (BOS)

It's been almost 2 decades since I completed my post-graduation from BVIMSR. Over these years, I have been fortunate enough to have exposure to multiple verticals and profiles, not only as an employee but also as an entrepreneur. A big thank you to the faculties of BVIMSR - Anjali Ma'am, Mudit Sir, Abhay Sir, Ambika Ma'am, Singh Sir. Their commitment to imparting their valuable knowledge and learnings from their industry experiences is impeccable. Their teaching methodology and training have helped me apply my learnings in real-life corporate scenarios to date. To a great extent, they have contributed to my achievements and I will be ever thankful to them.

Keswinder Singh Suri 2002-2004 Senior Investment Manager Asas Capital

I am thankful to BVIMSR for providing me with a platform to enhance my knowledge beyond the curriculum. I was able to leverage the knowledge and experience of the core, visiting faculty, and industry professionals who came to give guest lectures. Besides academics, I also developed my management skills by organizing and participating in events and activities during my time at BVIMSR. I have created many beautiful memories and forged lifelong relationships with my classmates and faculty thanks to the congenial atmosphere at BVIMSR. Thank you for everything!

Chandrakant Falke Batch - 2011-13 Senior Unit Manager - HR Business Bajaj Finserv

My alma mater has been the driving force behind my career strategy. We always had the freedom to choose what interests us with the faculty always available to mentor us and give us the push we needed. We have this huge library that helps us to deep dive into our subjects. The culture activities and outbound training help us to develop our planning, organizing, and execution skills. My key takeaways are a lot of memories and a great deal of learning. Those who are reading this testimonial would like to say one thing that is "It's never about college it is always about you what different you do from the competition over time will give you an edge".

Krutika Pachauri Batch – 2017-2019 Consultant, Deal Advisory KPMG Global Services

Studying and being an alumnus at BVIMSR has been an enriching and transformative experience. The faculty's dedication to academic excellence, combined with the vibrant campus community, has provided me with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in today's competitive world. From innovative courses to hands-on learning opportunities, the institute has truly prepared me for success in both my personal and professional endeavors. I am proud to be a part of such a dynamic institution, and I highly recommend it to anyone seeking an opportunity to learn and grow!