20,21,22 TH February 2019 A college annual fest is an event that students eagerly await. Apart from fun and excitement, it provides a platform to students to exhibit their talents. The fest also helps hone the students’ managerial skills, as organizing an inter-collegiate fest draw big crowds. In the campus of Bharati Vidyapeeth Belapur first time for the first time ever management institution,institute of information technology and BBA/BCA came together under one umbrella under the name Eminence which witnessed participation of more than 50 colleges and more than 500 participants from Mumbai and Navi Mumbai .Previously there were different events for all the above institutions namely Shikhar Manthan and Zeal.
The idea behind the synchronization was to consolidate the strength of each of the academic unit and bring more impact.NMTV was the media partner for Eminence 2019.
20th of February 2019 the programme was formally inaugurated by Mr Olympia Amateur 8 times Mr India Mr.SUHAS KHAMKAR who gave a great insight into health bodybuilding diet and fitness Kolhapur-based Khamkar has represented the country in many bodybuilding competitions and won championships like Mr Asia, Mr India and Maharashtra Shree.
20,21,22 of February 2019 in the Belapur Campus various indoor and outdoor games were organized with a view to ‘Experience True Sporting” and the main objective was to encourage active participation among all students as well as to recognize individual sporting achievements. The students participated in the various events like Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Shuttle, Athletics, Badminton, Chess and Carom. The much anticipated volley ball and football was followed by cricket matches for boys and throw ball, Shuttle, Ball badminton for girls. There is importance of Sports in the life of every individual. One has to take sports to enrich himself with the Skills of Decision Making, Positive attitude and Keep oneself healthy.
22 Feb 2019 
As part of this cultural fest, back-to-back inter house competitions were conducted , events such as group dance, group music, mimicry and monoacting, quiz, drama, debate, stress interview saw enthusiastic participation from scores of students, classical music (solo), instrumentals, group music and drama. On this day, light music solo, mime and group dance, instrumentals were the highlights of the evening .Competition was stiff and judges had a difficult time choosing winners. “The competitions helped foster friendly relations between students of different branches and interests,” remarked I/c Director Dr Anjali Kalse, “It was great to see their tremendous response and faculty members also participated in the celebrations.” to add feather in the cap, with a thunderous applause rented the night sky, the fest was concluded.