Career counselling

Career Counseling plays a vital role in building career of the aspiring graduates in right direction. The Process starts with the assessment of aptitude and inclination of students. Students’ overall performance including academic and non-academic activities plays a major role in deciding the career path of students. After evaluating the above factors, students are guided for possible career. It also helps students to decide the specialization in 2nd year of their studies.

  • Multiple Avenues of counseling are provided during students stay at the institute
  • Outcomes of counseling are
    • Better self awareness
    • Change in attitude, behavior, improvement in communication, general employability.
    • Awareness about industry trends, companies.
    • Awareness about appropriate career choices.
  • Counseling by mentors: Every student is attached to a faculty mentor. Specific slots are provided in the timetable to facilitate interaction between mentors and their mentees
  • Counseling by other faculty members: Students also approach faculty of their choice to discuss issues relating to subjects.
  • Counseling by external faculty from the corporate: Industry persons provide feedback during term – end viva voce examinations. Viva is conducted at the end of every term and industry internship; thus students get the opportunity to receive feedback from more than one industry person.
  • Counseling by corporate mentors: During industry internship, students are assigned corporate mentors under whose guidance students complete the internship. Students interact with their corporate mentors almost on a daily basis during internship and receive valuable guidance and counseling on various aspects related to the world of work.
  • Counseling by alumni: During the year alumni are invited for guest lecture, seminar etc and interact and counsel the students.
  • Other counseling opportunities: During other interactions with the industry – experiential training, industry visits etc.